New Moodle Timeline course format

Help me to build something amazing that you, your teachers and students will love!

Course management

Simple course management

The format is very simple and intuitive. Teachers can easily add resources by just clicking in the link Add an activity or resource, without enable edition first.

  • Straightforward way to add activities and resources
  • Direct access to activities' edit options menu
  • Easy to create new posts
  • Order timeline by date
  • Filter timeline items

A new experience in Moodle learning.

Amazing user mention

Users could mention each other on posts.

  • Link to users profile
  • Users receives notifications when they are mentioned in a post
  • Work with course groups

A good opportunity to provide real interaction with your class and its members.

Mention in action

Be part of that collaborative work

Join me in that collaborative work and let's take Moodle and the art of teaching to the next level!

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  • Stay in touch
  • Send your feedback
  • Test and validate it
  • Report bugs

I tried to create a crowdfunding campaign from these sites, but unfortunately, they don't send the amount collected to Brazil. So please, make your donation using PayPal.

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Your contribution will help me a lot.

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The developer

The developer

Willian Mano

If you don't know me, I am the creator of the Theme Moove, the second most used Moodle's theme and the third most downloaded plugin in 2020.

I also developed some others plugins available at my Github and site.